1825 Ocean Ave

...is an 8 story, 81,000 square foot, 93 unit residential apartment building in Midwood Brooklyn that redefines contemporary living.

The design and façade are articulated to fit in by contrast to the adjacent context of massive red brick buildings with small windows that line the avenue and which have a lack of connection to the exterior, street front and neighborhood. The undulating street façade, materials and large glass window and doors open up the building interiors to engage with the street front and provide exterior connection with terraces, balconies, private yards at grade as well as a shared roof garden. The Interiors are designed to have contemporary open space plans within the apartments with naturally lit public corridors connecting shared amenity spaces throughout the building including lounge and game room, work spaces, laundry, gym as well as a roof garden that capitalize on panoramic views of Brooklyn. The building design forms a contemporary place that enhances living with connections created between interior and exterior as well as the surrounding neighborhood, while being a catalyst for interactions within the building amongst those that live there.