...is a 5 story, 24,000 square foot, Mixed use commercial and residential building in Kensington, Brooklyn that rejuvenates the commercial sidewalk/street frontage and the pedestrian connection intended by the NYC zoning along 18th Ave, while redefining the residential quarters to create a buffer from the busy thoroughfare.

The building design is formed to engage with the neighborhood to rejuvenate the commercial street frontage with a bold large scale storefront that acts as a sign for Junee's flagship store as well as a filter that opens up the interior to the exterior inviting the passerby into tall open sun lit shopping experience. The fa├žade and material articulation are designed to highlight the commercial storefront and capitalize on 18th Ave. In contrast the residential upper floors are angled and setback to create a spatial buffer between the busy commercial thoroughfare and the apartments; while expanding and capturing views, light and air up and down the Avenue rather than across the street. Junee's building design is a manifestation of the clients agendas, priorities and concerns with an architecture that defines connection and function with form.